2016 Mercedes E Class ABS Fault.

We were asked by a local automotive company to take a look at this ABS unit that suffered from intermittent comms on the CAN network, causing the ABS system to become inoperative and also displaying an ABS/ESC and EBR faults on the dash.

2016 Mercedes E Class ABS Fault.

To open these, you will need to use a Dremmel to carefuly cut around the top of the plastic casing edges. 

We found the voltage regulator was faulty and had also corrupted the EEPROM. We replaced the regulator, loaded a good ABS dump from our server, then changed the VIN number using a hex editor then flashed the dump onto the original corrupted chip. Next step was to solder the chip back onto the PCB. Once done, the cover was put back on and using black sealant to once again make it waterproof. 

The vehicle passed its MOT the same day.

Ecutech LTD
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