Range Rover Sport ECU

2017 Range Rover Sport ECU Tune. We were asked by the owner of a local garage if we could tune his Range Rover Sport. As he uses the vehicle for

Dodge Ram 5.7 ECU Clone

Dodge Ram 5.7 ECU Clone. A reverse polarity event damaged this Motorola ECU beyond repair. We were asked to clone to another virgin ECU imported from the USA and to


PSA group BSI issues. This vehicle was suffering from inoperative front windows, no info displayed on the MFD and central locking inoperative. PSA group BSI issues The usual poor French

Kia C’eed Corrupt SRS ECU

Kia C’eed Corrupt SRS ECU. A company asked us to take a look at this SRS ECU. Symptoms were able to get comms with the unit on the vehicle, but

Faulty Kids Electric Car

Kids Electric Car. We were asked to have a look at this kids ride on Porsche. It was left out in the rain and no longer worked. Kids Electric Car.

Fiat 500 Cluster Problem

Fiat 500 cluster problem. A typical fault on this vehile is where the indicator warning lights and/or other warning lights will stay dimly lit. The problem is at component level

Vehicle Programming Battery Maintainer

Vehicle Programming Battery Maintainer. We decided to make our own battery maintainer that was on a par with BMW’s Deutronics ¬£1300 tool. Vehicle Programming Battery Maintainer. When doing any software

Vauxhall Corsa D ECU Water Ingress

Vauxhall Corsa D ECU Water Ingress. If we had a Pound for every one of these that we have repaired, we would have our own Carribean island by now. Vauxhall

BMW F30 Damaged ECU

BMW F30 Damaged ECU. Water ingress into the fuse/ECU housing from the scuttle panel of this 5 year old vehicle, completely destroyed the ECU! BMW F30 Damaged ECU Many MOSFETS

Ford Focus Faulty Cluster

2012 Ford Focus Faulty Cluster. Quite a common issue with these Visteon clusters is that they cause a no start situation, randomly cutting out and/or erratic gauge readings. 2012 Ford

2016 Mercedes E Class ABS Fault

2016 Mercedes E Class ABS Fault. We were asked by a local automotive company to take a look at this ABS unit that suffered from intermittent comms on the CAN

Jaguar X Type Cluster Clone

Jaguar X Type Cluster Clone. Not sure what the original fault was with this as this job was done for a remote customer and we had very limited information. Jaguar

Mercedes E Class SRS

Mercedes E class SRS reset and clone. This unit was in a vehicle that had it’s battery connected the wrong way around. This corrupted parts of the flash and also

Launch X-431 V+ PRO Diagnostic Tool

Launch X-431 V+ PRO Diagnostic Tool. We only use dealer tools for all of our jobs, however setting up these tools can be a long winded, time consuming process. We

Ford Mondeo Tune

Ford Mondeo ECU Tune . We were asked to tune this Mondeo’s ECU for more mid range torque. Ford Mondeo ECU Tune. Nothing much to report here, a nice easy

2013 Ford KA SRS Crash Delete

2013 Ford KA SRS Crash Delete. We were asked by a local garage to remove the crash data from the airbag ECU after a small bump into a bollard in

Mercedes C Class faulty EIS and Key

2010 Mercedes C Class EIS and Key Fault. We were asked by a garage to take a look at this C Class EIS problem. The key is not accepted in

Vauxhall Frontera 2.2 DTi ECU Clone

Vauxhall Frontera 2.2DTi ECU Clone. A reverse polarity event rendered this vintage ECU beyond repair. We were tasked to clone and to source another secondhand ECU. Vauxhall Frontera 2.2 DTi

Suzuki GSXR-1000 LED Cluster Mod

Suzuki GSXR-1000 LED Cluster Mod. We were asked if we could change the old filament bulbs to bright, modern LED’s on this motorbike cluster. Suzuki GSXR-1000 LED Cluster Mod. A

Another Vauxhall Corsa D ECU With Water Ingress…..Again!

Another Vauxhall Corsa D Damaged ECU. Not the worst we have seen, but getting there! Was right on the edge of being beyond economical repair. Another Vauxhall Corsa D Damaged

VW Golf MK6 Tune

VW Golf MK6 Tune. We have always worked closely with L&M Auto Repairs. He has a big Youtube channel that you can check out by clicking HERE You can also join

Can Am Maverick

Can Am Maverick. We were asked to take a look at this Can Am Maverick as after a while of driving, it would go into limp mode. Can Am Maverick.

MG ZR Faulty Keyfob

MG ZR Keyfob Buton. Customer complaint was vehicle did not lock or unlock even when the fob battery was replaced. MG ZR Keyfob Button. First thing was to assertain if
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