APC SMT 1000i UPS.

We recently upgraded our bench UPS to a APC SMT 1000i. 

APC SMT 1000i UPS.

The factory batterys were removed and we custom made a new set to replace.

We used 4x Ritar 6v 8Ah in series and added a 6v 12Ah Yuasa battery in parallel to add a bit more capacity, bringing it up to a total of 44Ah.

We then charged the batterys up to 100% and performed the UPS calibration procedure.

Final calculation of runtime for the BDM flashing PC with monitor, bench PSU, bench light and KTAG connected was 1 hour and 44 minutes, more than enough to finish any read/write process.

If you are flashing any bench work, you really need a plan B for if you have a brownout, voltage spike, voltage dip or full blown power outage. 

Having this happen mid write process could lead to irrecoverable damage of the module.

Ecutech LTD
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