BMW F30 Damaged ECU. 

Water ingress into the fuse/ECU housing from the scuttle panel of this 5 year old vehicle, completely destroyed the ECU!

BMW F30 Damaged ECU

Many MOSFETS and drivers were blown, as were many tracks and components. This is an EDC17xx ecu and the cost of repair for this unit vastly exceeds the cost of obtaining a replacement. Not an easy ECU to clone as there are some parts of the flash that are write protected, so we had to use specialist BMW cloning hardware. There was also damage to the FRM and airbag module. These were repaired and the vehicles FA updated and also a complete vehicle wide software update with ISTA-P. If you own a BMW, make sure the drainage holes are clear from debris in the fuse/ECU housing, as well as the scuttle is kept clear from obstructions, leaves, etc unless you want an expensive garden ornament on your drive.

Ecutech LTD
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