Fiat 500-Ford KA Continental SRS ECU No Comms.

We have seen a few of these now where the fault is there is no communication with the SRS module, either when doing a scan over OBD connecting on the bench.

Fiat 500-Ford KA Continental SRS ECU No Comms.

This will result in many other phantom errors for other modules on the network.

More often than not, the fault is a burned ATIC IC on the underside of the board (see photo).

This is more than likely due to a faulty batch of voltage regulators and/or IC chips. An overvoltage condition occurs and the IC is supplied with more voltage than it was designed to handle.

Secondhand modules seem to hold their value very well, so buying one to clone the old unit is a costly exercise.

A far cheaper solution would be to replace the voltage regulator and replace the ATIC IC with a genuine chip…NOT a fake Chinese one!

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