Ford Transit 2015 ECU Clone SID208.

Complaint was vehicle cranks but no start. Code P0341 was stored.


Opening up the ECU on the bench, we began testing. 

Using a signal generator on the cam sensor multipin, we injected a signal into the circuit. 

It was found that all inline components tested fine, however there was no signal leaving the  TC1797.

A last ditch effort was made to reflow the flash chip, just in case there was a cold solder joint.

This proved to be unsuccessful. Our customer opted for sourcing a replacement ECU.

On receiving the replacement, we made a clone of the faulty unit and carried out a bench test. All tested fine.

Another way of doing this job would have been to source a replacement flash chip, desoldering the faulty one and replacing it with the new chip. Our customer decided not to do this and they sourced their own replacement ECU.

Ecutech LTD
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