Launch X-431 V+ PRO Diagnostic Tool.

We only use dealer tools for all of our jobs, however setting up these tools can be a long winded, time consuming process.

We wanted something quick and easy for simple jobs, so we purchaced this Launch kit directly from Launch themselves for £830 delivered, Not bad!

Launch X-431 V+ PRO Diagnostic Tool.

We found it to be great for quick and dirty fault reading and measurements. The live data functions worked on every vehicle we connected it to, even the exotic Korean brands. 

Programming and coding worked on most vehicles we tried it on, however on German marques the programming and coding features mostly failed, even though the process ended with a success message.

There are many adaptors supplied, even ones we have not seen since the mid 1990’s!

It’s quite a powerful tool with regular updates, although the download speed was painfully slow. Even when leaving it to update overnight it was only 60% complete. Maybe Launch have only one server for the entire globe. Not good if this was your only tool and you had jobs waiting.

Great battery life and a nice bright screen. We never had no disconnects with the Bluetooth VCI, or crashes of the Launch app.

All in all, we would recommend this tool, but like every other multi tool it does many things good, but excels at none.

Ecutech LTD
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