MG ZR Keyfob Buton.

Customer complaint was vehicle did not lock or unlock even when the fob battery was replaced.

MG ZR Keyfob Button.

First thing was to assertain if the fob was working, or if the fault was on the vehicle. We used a IR/RF tester to confirm that the fob was indeed inoperative. On further inspection we found that the fob at some stage immersed in water.

Over a few months, the water had eaten away at the solder pads for the buttons and also damaged 3 tracks on the PCB itself.

We removed and discarded the old buttons, made good the damaged tracks and replaced with brand new buttons. 

The job was finished off by applying a conformal coating. 

There was also damage to the battery holder which we remedied by re-soldering and shaping the original.

Ecutech LTD
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