The usual issue on these is the sync is lost for the gears. Either a flashing N on the dash, or no display at all.


Great cars let down by a crappy designed gear selector system. Fault usually occurs when changing the clutch or selector solenoids. The ECU looses its memory and corrupts the EEPROM. 

No matter how many times you go through the manual re-learning procedure, you will not be able to calibrate, same for using a diagnostic tool. 

The EEPROM was removed from the PCB and read. We then set to work reconstructing the dump. Once completed, we flashed the EEPROM and carried out a full bench test.

After this is completed, you can once again carry out the manual relearning procedure or use a scantool.

However, in our experience we have only experienced a 100% success rate by relearning using Techstream.


Ecutech LTD
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