Vauxhall Corsa D ECU Water Ingress.

If we had a Pound for every one of these that we have repaired, we would have our own Carribean island by now.

Vauxhall Corsa D Water Ingress.

These ECU’s suffer from severe water damage because of poor engineering and design choices made by Vauxhall. Who in the right mind would put an ECU right under the scuttle panel so water runs right off the windscreen, into the scuttle and directly onto the ECU!

The amount of damage can vary wildly on every unit we have seen, although water ingress always seems to come in at one specific point.

Usually, various tracks are severely damaged on both sides of the board, along with damaged SMD components that are eaten away and thru-holes corroded.

Sucessful repair rate is around 90%.

Replacement ECU’s are quite expensive and hold their money well as they are in constant demand.

If you own one of these vehicles, keep the scuttle panel free from any debris and make sure the drain holes are kept clear of any obstructions.

The ECU pictured was a difficult fix that took quite a while. There was no replacement ECU’s availiable at the time and the customer relied on their vehicle to get to and from work.

Symptoms can include engine cutting out when hot, hard to start, complete no start and in some cases injectors 1 and 4 can also be damaged due to a shorted driver.

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